Set Sail for a Cause takes sabbatical – 2013

Like someone taking a sabbatical, it is with mixed feelings that Oregon Women’s Sailing Association (OWSA) announces there will be no Sail for a Cure or Set Sail for a Cause this year.

The event began when OWSA was just five years old and growing. Sailing is a life-enhancer and we were eager to share that, use it to help people facing a challenge and needing a boost, people who might not think of sailing as something that would give them a lift. We thought of women with breast cancer, and Sail for the Cure was born. It soon took on a life of its own and grew almost every year. Over 13 years, 367 different boats and 4,249 separate people took part, many returning each year.

As a relied-upon sponsor or vendor, you helped keep costs down and income up as we kept finding new ways to bring in more money. Together we fought breast cancer by raising over $277,000 over 13 years; and by placing people on boats with room saved for strangers, we introduced many to sailing who would not otherwise have had access to it. We’ve had SUCCESS in our dual mission:  LESS CANCER; MORE SAILORS.

We will miss it but it’s gratifying to note that ours is not the only charity event in the sailing community:  Free Bowl of Soup collects food and money for Oregon Food Bank, Life Sail supported March of Dimes, Adventure Sail (another OWSA event) offers a daysail to girls at risk, and Rose City Yacht Club hosts a Leukemia Regatta.

We can’t know the future, but if/when OWSA Sets Sail for a Cause again we hope you will continue to support us. Please contact if you have any questions or comments. We are grateful for your participation and support, and would love to help get you more into sailing.

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